An introduction to the analysis of many types of cults in the world

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An introduction to the analysis of many types of cults in the world

An introduction to the analysis of many types of cults in the world

Some are mainstream and widely accepted. Others are isolationist and hide from examination at great expense. They are growing and flourishing.

Some cause great suffering while others appear very helpful and beneficial. Whichever group it is, the ultimate end is their destruction when the Lord returns to claim His own.

What is a cult? Generally, it is a group that is unorthodox, esoteric, and has a devotion to a person, object, or a set of new ideas. New Teaching - has a new theology and doctrine. Only True Teaching - often considers traditional religious systems to be apostate and it alone possesses the complete truth.

Isolationist - to facilitate control over the members physically, intellectually, financially, and emotionally. Controlling - exercises control over the members. Sometimes this is through fear, threatening loss of salvation if you leave the group.

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Apocalyptic - to give the members a future focus and philosophical purpose in avoiding the apocalypse or being delivered through it. Depravation - sleep and food deprivation which weakens the will of the subject.

This is uncommon, though practiced by more severe cults. Persecution - predictions of being persecuted, often combined with claiming any opposing views demonstrated against them as a form of persecution.

Many have non-verifiable belief systems; For example, they would teach something that cannot be verified.

A spaceship behind Hale-Bop comet Or, that God, an alien, or angel appeared to the leader and gave him a revelation. The members are seeded angels from another world, etc. Often, the philosophy makes sense only if you adopt the full set of values and definitions that it teaches.

With this kind of belief, truth becomes unverifiable, internalized, and easily manipulated through the philosophical systems of its inventor. The cult leader has received special revelation from God.

‘Cult of Christianity,’ ‘Christian Cult’ or ‘Bible-based Cult?

The cult leader claims to be the incarnation of a deity, angel, or special messenger. The cult leader claims to be appointed by God for a mission.

The cult leader claims to have special abilities. The leader is often above reproach and is not to be denied or contradicted. Cult ethos Usually seeks to do good works, otherwise no one would join them. They are usually moral and possess a good standard of ethical teaching.

Many times the Bible is used or additional "scriptures" are penned. The Bible, when used, is always distorted with private interpretations.

Many Cults recruit Jesus as one of their own and redefine him accordingly. Cult groups vary greatly. From the ascetic to the promiscuous.Cults are commonly defined as a group or organization (sometimes religious) that has independent beliefs and is usually isolated from the normal society.

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Introduction The fourth volume of Sects, Cults and New Religions contains articles and chapters about how people engage with relationships in new religions, with emphasis on sexual and family. Oct 08,  · Cults have become a phenomenon in our world today.

An introduction to the analysis of many types of cults in the world

Each year "hundreds of Canadians join some of the 3, unorthodox religions of one type .

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