Asia business report bbc world cup

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Asia business report bbc world cup

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption The moment every bidding nation wants to see in its soil The BBC can reveal, for the first time, the full scale of the remarkable tax concessions that the world football authority Fifa demands of countries that wish to host a World Cup competition.

This Friday, 14 May, in Zurich in Switzerland, representatives of footballing countries around the world will submit their bids to host either the or tournaments. The bidding nations have been asked to comply with a wide variety of conditions that Fifa has laid down - and which it would like to keep confidential.

Among them is that the entire event should be free of tax for Fifa. This means that to be successful in its bid, the UK government must agree to forgo tens of millions of pounds in tax for the benefit of Fifa, which - as a charitable organisation - pays hardly any tax to its home country of Switzerland.

It also appears to mean that the tournament income of the players, some of whom are among the highest paid earners in the world, should also be exempt from tax.

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Confidentiality The decision on where the and competitions are to be staged will be taken by Fifa in December, after considering the huge Bid Books that the contending nations are about to submit. Fifa have very strict confidentiality clauses Gerry Sutcliffe, Former sports minister These will contain the details of how, exactly, the would-be hosts propose to go about organising such a massive event.

They will have to comply with eight government guarantees, which the UK government signed last December in support of England's bid. Do they involve relieving the players, possibly even those already resident in the UK, from paying tax on their incomes?

Holland and Belgium have a joint bid to host the or World Cup. Image caption Fifa President Sepp Blatter is overseeing the bids for and The Dutch government recently published all eight government guarantees on its official website, in the form of a draft letter to Fifa President Sepp Blatter.

This exemption also applies to associated bodies such as the local organising committee; Fifa confederations; Fifa member associations including the hosting association; the host broadcaster; and Fifa service providers.

That applies so long as the potential tax relates directly or indirectly to the World Cup and any of its associated events. Intriguingly, the document does not directly mention the most high-profile participants in the World Cup - the players.

But the Dutch exemption for individuals seems all-encompassing: Germany also taxed the non-resident players and trainers as normal, charging them Everyone else from abroad who was officially accredited to the competition was exempted from German income or corporation tax, although VAT was applied to sales and services as normal.

The German government's official report into the way it organised the event reveals that as many asforeigners were given permits to work in the country as part of the competition.

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Access one Premium article per week These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Reuters After a heated World Cup match, the stands are usually left with food waste, cups and wrappers scattered in the heat of the moment.

A spokesman said this did not equate exactly to the number exempted from tax; no exact figure is available. But it clearly suggests that tens of thousands of people benefited from Fifa's tax requirements.

Meanwhile the Brazilian government, already awarded the World Cup, has just agreed that Fifa and its partners can be exempt from taxes on any goods and services related to the tournament for five years; from January until the end of When a law is passed by the country's Congress, an exemption from personal income tax will also apply to non-residents who are employed, or in some way contracted, in organising or taking part in the World Cup.

South Africa In this year's competition in South Africa, a "tax-free bubble" has been established around the tournament at Fifa's request, relieving Fifa, its subsidiaries, and foreign football associations which are taking part, of income tax, customs duties, and VAT.

For these organisations the tax concessions only apply when the goods or services are provided at an official Fifa site.

asia business report bbc world cup

So how much money may go untaxed if a World Cup is staged in the UK? No one can tell yet, but Fifa's accounts forwhich cover the previous year's World Cup, give a flavour of the huge amounts of money that sloshed around.

Much of that might have been taxed in Germany had it not been for the tournament's favourable tax arrangements.

asia business report bbc world cup

Meanwhile Fifa accrued more than 2. Much of that will have gone directly to Fifa in Switzerland, outside the scope of the German tax net. How much income tax did Fifa pay in locally? The authorities in the UK may be shy about talking about Fifa's demands now, but if they wish to comply they will eventually have to change UK tax law, and do so in public.

The host government has given away almost the entire tax-take to Fifa Moray Wilson, Deloitte, South Africa The government has agreed this sort of thing before. The Budget exempted overseas sportsmen and women from being taxed here during the London Olympics. The London Organising Committee is exempt from corporation tax, the International Olympic Committee is exempt from income and capital gains tax as well, and foreign competitors and staff are covered by this too.

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A little-noticed, one line, clause in this year's Budget exempted foreign players, and officials, of teams competing in the Champions League final at Wembley from paying income tax.The Daily Mail reports.

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NHK WORLD is the international service of NHK, Japan's largest broadcasting organization. Radio Japan broadcasts in 18 languages. The good news is that World Cup games are extremely accessible. In the UK they will be broadcast on the BBC and ITV channels, and you can watch those in a web browser.

Both ITV Hub and iPlayer let you watch live broadcasts from their respective sites, so you don’t have to . Geo TV provides latest news, breaking news, urdu news from pakistan, world, sports, cricket, business, politics, health. watch geo news on Nov 23,  · BBC to show all Women's World Cup games - World Cup Forum.

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Ireland laid down a massive marker ahead of next year's World Cup by beating holders New Zealand for just the second time with a compelling victory in a clash of the world's top two teams on Saturday.

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