Barill spa case analysis

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Barill spa case analysis

ABSTRACf The lit hostratigraphy and pctrography of the thin Crctaccous-Tertiary cover of dccpcr-watcr sediments ovcrlying the sha llow-watc r J urassic Mazagan carbonalc platform were studied by microfacies analysis.

The follow ing facies associations wcrc rccognizcd: A conspicuous very thin quartz-beari ng iron ooid- rich echinode rm micrite with concentrations of bclemnites and ammo nites is a condensed horizon formed on a hardgrou nd nea r the fossil shelfb reak. Eocene we re depositcd in a pelagie slopc environment similar as the Neoge ne to Oualeroary na nno oores and cha lks.

Recently carbonate platforms o f Atlantic-type continental margins have aroused considerable interest e. Cita Ryan ; James Mountjoy However case histories of fossi!

A major new approach to this subject was the d rilling of the 8ahamian carbonate platform by the Ocean Drilling Project in February March Leg This method concentratcs o n the description of pa leontological and sedimentological properties that can be studicd in thin-sections. The result of this analysis is a rock classification Tab.

For the geographic and geological seuing of the samples sec the detailed maps and profiles in Auzcnde et al. In the age discussion of thc MF types 1 will not only use the biostratigraphic ages Jaffrezo et al. II 12 '""n ddo. Ii ""' lii J.

CZ 91 t ic. M - Mioct'It Oligoctllt. J - l urassie. Figure 1 Early Creracf. Sample CZ piioio of large Ihill eclioll.

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III IMs case phosphalizatioll musi hm'e pff. This sandy packstone or micritc is st rongly dolomitized dolomite rhombs IJ. Reworked phosphatic ooids are also prese nt Plate 4: Many echinoderm fragments show calcite overgrowth in optical conti nuit y an indication of carly-diage netic ca rbonate diagcnesis.

The sire of the quartz grains ranges from silt to very fine sand that of the morc porous. The sorting is moderate to good ; c a Ihird variety MF 8. J probub y l': C also PlaIe 3: CZ 11 Figure 3 Glnlrolb: Figu re 1 HUfld specimen pllolo of sumple CZ sec l'lote 2.

Sa mple CZ J. A ge The prese nce of Clypeina jurassica in MF 8.Barilla Spa Case Analysis Barilla spA case analysis Barilla SpA, an Italian pasta manufacturer, is experiencing amplified levels of inefficiencies and rising costs due to .

Operations Management Case Analysis: Barilla SpA (A) JRL 咨詢公司 (JRL Consulting) 科技管理職場發展咨詢 電郵: [email protected] 網站: 1. What are the underlying causes of the difficulties that the JITD program was created to. Barilla SpA Part A Barilla SpA is the Microsoft PowerPoint - Barilla Case Author: liush Created Date: 3/29/ PM.

Murkrow can do it too, but now that both of these guys are here, it REALLY needs a little analysis. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

Barill spa case analysis

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Barill spa case analysis

Love Mawile. SpA-Trick Room-Psyshock-Shadow Ball Acrobatics Drifblim has like unlimited potential for different sets. Unburden is the best ability just in case you don't get off a Simple Beam in time. However case histories of fossi! carbonate platforms at contine ntal margins in whieh the subsidence hislory growth drowning and subsequent evolulion of carbonate platforms and the post-platform sediment cover can be studied arc still rare.

Presentation on Barilla Spa Case: An HBR Case presented in class in XLRI Jamshedpur (GMP).

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