Characteristics of good pricing strategy in london olympics 2012

What are the trade-offs that Williamson faces?

Characteristics of good pricing strategy in london olympics 2012

Like it or not the London Olympics are almost upon us - it's time to consider how your business will be affected. Get Pricing & Availability Having A Winning Olympics Strategy; May 18th Having A Winning Olympics Strategy. How are you preparing for the Olympics? It’s a question more and more businesses are being forced to. 2 Introduction This report focuses on the responsibility of the Head of Ticketing, London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), to establish a sales and marketing strategy for the million tickets available at the London Olympics. London Olympic Games 1. What are the tradeoffs Williamson faces? Explain. ( Marks) 2. How might LOCOG’s Pricing Strategy vary by sports? ( Marks) This is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Unformatted text preview: 3. What are the characteristics of good.

Undoubtedly, the Games will place an enormous pressure on the road and transport networks and, in doing so, many challenges for businesses both in London and across the UK. Having a business strategy in place that ensures organisations do not fall at the last hurdle will be critical.

Characteristics of good pricing strategy in london olympics 2012

Disruptions to the road network will affect deliveries in some parts of London and close to other Games venues outside of the capital. Shifting schedules to make or receive deliveries at night or outside the busiest times will be a must.

Even if you are not expecting urgent deliveries, then at a minimum you should have readiness planning in place for post and mail.

Characteristics of good pricing strategy in london olympics 2012

The other major impact will be on staff retention during the Olympics and Paralympics, and for me, this is an area where many businesses are ill-prepared. It goes without saying that all businesses, including those based outside of London, need to consider the impact of the Games on staff, customers, visitors and suppliers and make arrangements to reduce disruption, operate as smoothly as possible and maintain productivity levels.

Staff should be encouraged to reduce any non-essential travel, especially in peak hours. If travel is essential, they should be advised to travel at different times, or by using different modes or routes. Remote working may be a good option for some staff members.

Alternative arrangements should also be made for face-to-face meetings, with conference calls or video conferencing providing easier, more effective options. At Business Environment we want to ensure our clients who take office space with us are able to access crucial information about how the Olympics and Paralympics will affect their businesses.

Clients who have an office within London will be able to work out of Basingstoke, Milton Keynes, Reading and Bristol centres. Why not host an Olympics party with key sporting events on large screen TVs or allow staff to leave work earlier to arrive home to watch certain Games?

It really should be an opportunity to reward staff for their hard work, enjoy British sporting talent and make the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity to hold the Olympics in the UK. Get your business strategy right for the Games and you could also be a winner. Posted by Andrew Issott.3.

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How might his pricing strategies vary by sport? Are there price constraints on any sports? 4. For the London Olympics, what are the characteristics of a pricing strategy assuming the goal is to achieve the revenue target?

What are the risks? “ “assuming goal is to maximize attendance? Risks? A good pricing strategy has several characteristics.3/5(2). The London Olympic Games Procurement Strategy Information Technology Essay. Project Brief or History. The London Olympic Games project was designed by global architecture and design practice Populous.

The ticket prices for the London Olympic Games, the ticketing strategy has been criticised by some.

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Dee Doocey, the Liberal Democrat London assembly Olympics spokeswoman, accused the. With an audience of over 4 billion for the opening ceremonies alone, it goes without saying that London offers up a golden opportunity for advertisers wanting to reach out to an immense number of fans.

Ticket pricing strategy at the London Olympic Games Jul 10, The organizing committee (London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games – “Locog”) of the London Olympic Games had a unique challenge before them. Characteristics Of Good Pricing Strategy In London Olympics Date: March 3, Re: London Olympic Games Background Paul Williamson and his team were responsible for developing the policies for pricing and distributing the tickets for the London Olympic Games.

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