Conflicts in the godfather essay

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Conflicts in the godfather essay

Conflicts in the godfather essay

Film and television[ edit ] The classic science fiction film serial Flash Gordon served as an inspiration for Star Wars. A New Hope includes many elements derived from the Universal serial Flash Gordon —the original property which George Lucas had sought to license before making the first Star Wars film—and its sequel, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

The basic plot involving the infiltration of a megalomaniacal outer-space Emperor's fortress by two heroes disguised in uniforms of soldiers of his army is drawn from Flash Gordon Conquers the Universewith Luke Skywalker and Han Solo filling the roles of Flash Gordon and Prince Barinrespectively, and Ming the Merciless the Emperor.

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Star Wars sources and analogues - Wikipedia It is the first work in the Terminator franchise.
Showtimes, reviews, trailers, news and more - MSN Movies He kills his subordinates, chokes people with his mind, does all kinds of things a good guy would never do. But then the nature of a bad guy is that he does things a good guy would never do.

The opening text crawl of Star Wars is in the same style as the text openings of each chapter of the Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe serial. Additionally, both films feature a battle-tested General — Rokurota Makabe in The Hidden Fortress and Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope — who assist a rebellion led by a princess and engage in a duel with a former rival whom they fought years earlier.

Lucas also features many horizontal wipe scene transitions in Star Wars, a technique used thoroughly by Kurosawa in his films.

Conflicts in the godfather essay

Similarly, the Princess trades places with a slave girl in The Hidden Fortress, with the slave girl acting as a decoy for the real Princess. Yojimbo inspired the brawl scene in the Cantina. Its sequel Sanjuro inspired the hiding-under-the-floor trick.

The first is the Captain and Dersu looking out over the horizon, seeing both the setting sun and the rising moon at the same time.

The other scene is when Dersu and the Captain are suddenly caught in a blizzard, and they have to quickly build a shelter to spend the night, to survive the cold.

The Captain collapses from the cold and Dersu has to drag and stuff him into the shelter. This is similar to the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo cuts a tauntaun open with Luke's lightsaber and stuffs the unconscious Luke into it, when they get caught in a blizzard on the snow planet Hoth.

The Lightning also had an army of white-armored stormtroopers and flew through the sky in a large triangular airship the "flying wing". Darth Vader's need to wear his helmet to breathe recalls the oxygen helmets of the underground-dwelling Muranians in the Mascot serial The Phantom Empirewhich are required by the caped Thunder Riders to be able to breathe on the surface.

The Phantom Menace features a pod racing action sequence. This entire sequence is inspired by the famous Chariot Race of Ben Hur. The climactic moment when Sebulba's Pod attaches itself to Anakin's Pod mimicks, almost shot for shot, the climactic moment of the scene in Ben Hur when Messala accidentally locks wheels with Ben Hur.

In the same film, Padme and Anakin also retreat to an estate called Varykino — the name of the Gromeko family estate in Doctor Zhivago. The death scene of Yoda in Return of the Jedi is taken almost shot-for-shot from the death scene of the similarly mystical High Lama in Frank Capra 's Lost Horizon Yoda and the High Lama also both share a diminutive form and odd cadence of speech.

Rebel pilots have to fly through a trench while evading enemy fire and drop a single special weapon at a precise distance from the target to destroy the entire base with a single explosion; if one run fails another run must be made by a different pilot. Some scenes from the A New Hope climax are similar to those in The Dam Busters and some of the dialogue is nearly identical in the two films.

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These scenes are also heavily influenced by the action scenes from the fictional wartime film Squadron. That film's finale shows the squadron's planes flying down a deep fjord while being fired at along the way by anti-aircraft guns lining its sides.

George Lucas has stated in interviews that this sequence inspired the 'trench run' sequence in Star Wars. They are similar in the christening of one the baby and the Empire with the death of a group of others the other dons and the Separatists.

Ray Harryhausen used stop motion animation to create a mechanical owl, Bubo, in Clash of the Titans Despite Bubo's similarities Bubo is metallic and expresses by whistling and rotating its head to the droid R2-D2 of the film Star Wars, Harryhausen claimed Bubo was created before Star Wars was released.

Arthur's use of his sword Excalibur as a tool of achieving objectives is reflected by Luke's use of his lightsaber in the same manner. Smaller, spherical, jet-less fighters with accumulators for beamed power.

Spacehounds of IPC includes light swords of slicing "blade of flame" and "planes of force" wielded by spherical ships, also attested in melee combat.

Smith's Lensmen have the telepathic powers of the Jedi derived from crystalline lenses mirroring Kyber crystals in Star Wars. In Triplanetarya "tractor beam" from an artificial planetoid captures another vessel and a damsel in distress adventure ensues.

Space armor with a general focus on melee combat using space axes.


Norlaminian worship of "the All-Controlling Force" along with general use of "force" powers throughout. A Golden Meteor is the emblem and insignia of the galactic protectors.

A galactic trade in drugs which are used as currency: Thionite in Smith, Spice in Star Wars.The Godfather () is a one of a kind movie; it is even considered by many an American classic.

The American Film Institute (AFI) has The Godfather listed at number two in as one of the greatest films in American culture today. May 17,  · Characters and Situations -- "The Godfather" and "The Green Mile" Both "The Godfather" and the prison epic "The Green Mile" depict characters at the center of moral dilemmas.

The Godfather () is a one of a kind movie; it is even considered by many an American classic. The American Film Institute (AFI) has The Godfather listed at number two in as one of the greatest films in American culture today. This movie has everything from great action scenes to world famous actors.


The story the Godfather has many different types of conflicts, Human versus Human, Human versus Society, Human versus Self.

The most prominent conflict in the beginning is Human versus society. The Godfather is the story of a Mafia family. It follows the rise of Michael Corleone within the family.

Michael was once a war hero and did not want to be involved in the family business. When his father is shot though, Michael takes revenge on the people who did it and becomes a part of the Mafia lifestyle. The Star Wars science fiction media franchise is acknowledged to have been inspired by many sources.

These include southern and eastern Asian religions, Qigong, philosophy, classical mythology, Roman history, Zoroastrianism, parts of the Abrahamic religions, Confucianism, Shintō and Taoism, and countless cinematic benjaminpohle.comr George Lucas stated "Most of the spiritual reality in the.

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