Description of spring season essay

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Description of spring season essay

Description of spring season essay

The Spring Season is called the Queen of seasons. In spring, Nature is as beautiful and charming as a bride. It is neither hot nor cold. The weather is delightfully cool. Trees put on new leaves. There are signs of new life in the fields, gardens, forests and in everything.

Description of spring season essay

Spring brings us fresh life. Nature presents to us a great variety and manifests her beauty in a thousand shapes. How delightful it is to observe the flowers; the rose, the lily, the daisy, the narcissus, the hyacinth and the marigold! What a feast for the eyes!

How fragrant to smell and how delicate to touch. The varied pageant of their colours, their three-fold appeal to the senses of sight, smell, and touch transport us with pleasure. Dew drops on the green grass look like pearls. The daffodils tossing their heads in sprightly dance, the sun pouring its gold on the snowclad peaks of mountains, stars shining like a swarm of golden bees, gentle winds blowing, the sweet songs of birds, are some of the beautiful pictures of the Spring season.

Wordsworth found God, Keats found beauty and Shelley found love in Spring. Shakespeare found tongues in trees, sermons in stones, books in brooks and good in everything. Poets have danced in joy to see the various beauties of Spring which reveal in unmistakable terms that God combines in himself the poet, the painter the singer, the sculptor and the architect.

A visit to Kashmir will show us the workmanship of God. When we praise the painters and poets who paint the beauties of Spring in colours and words, why should we not owe a deep debt of gratitude to God who has placed at our disposal priceless treasures which are inexhaustible?

Beauties of Spring, not only feast our eyes, gladden our hearts and purify our souls, but they have also a spiritual message.

They have an educative value.

Short paragraph on Spring Season - Important India

We learn more from Nature than we learn from our dull and dry books. Besides this, beauties of Spring teach us many morals-beauty, truth, patience and forbearance. In Spring, a worried man finds peace; a seeker after truth finds truth; a philosopher, philosophy, a saint, presence of God; a lover of beauty, beauty; a poet, inspiration, and a painter, stimulus.Remember: Pattern Based Writing: Quick & Easy Essay is the fastest, most effective way to teach children essay writing fall is the best season of the year or the worst season of the year.

In school, one plants in the fall and harvests in the spring. Compare and contrast these.! Fall weather is different in different parts of the. Spring: This piece is the perfect description of spring. The constant repetition of the lively violins almost seems to "show" the blossoming new flowers.

Narrative Essay on Why I Love Spring; Subjects Type of papers Show. Narrative Essay on Why I Love Spring the long-wished-for and favorite season, the one when there appear buds on trees and grass starts to grow after winter sleep, and it .

Spring is also a season of marriages and feasts. People enjoy these occasions their absolute zeal.

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It is this season when the earth was . Spring is the most pleasant season in India. In this season every­body feels happy after the intense cold of winter. All take interest in out­door life. The earth wears a green dress. Again it comes to life. In this season the nature is kind. It gives us pleasure and joy.

The trees, once more look [ ]. Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Spring By Rundy May 13, – Posted in: It defies description. You must be there to fully understand and appreciate. There is the brilliant white beauty and gentle fragrance when the apples are in full bloom, and there is an almost sad and meditative beauty as the flowers fade and the white petals fall like.

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