Discuss the importance of literature review in carrying out research

Kim teaches at Murray State College. A bug rancher, he also keeps honeybees Google Dr. A literature review is a must before writing a research paper. Source Doing a careful and thorough literature review is essential when you write about research at any level.

Discuss the importance of literature review in carrying out research

April 4, Literature Review Writing Tips Research is made in order to inform people with new knowledge or discovery. However, it is not to be expected that everybody would willingly believe what you are tackling in your whole research paper. Thus, what you can do to make your research more credible will be to support them with other works which have spoken about the same topic that you have for your research.

This is where literature review comes in. You can even have literature sources in works such as stories, comments, project, speech, article, novel, poem, essay, program, theory, and others. This is why literature review involves scanning the pages of any published literature like books, newspaper, magazine, website, webpage, collection, paper, pamphlet, and the like where you may be able to find any reference to the same topic that you are researching on.

There are many reasons why literature review is rendered as a significant part of any research or dissertation paper. You may ask what makes it as such if it is only supposed to contain tidbits of other related works. Literature review is the part of the paper where the researcher will be given the opportunity to strengthen your paper for you will be citing what other reliable authors have said about your topic.


This will prove that you are not just writing about any random subject but that many others have also poured their thoughts on the topic. You may also ask what makes literature review a necessary part of the paper.

This question can be answered by trying not to include the review in your paper. Obviously, it affects the length of your paper but this is not the noticeable part. What would most certainly be lacking is the fact that your paper, without the literature review, only contains all of your opinions about the facts that you have discovered through your research.

Thus, how can you further convince the readers, in this case, the committee who will scrutinize your paper? This is the need that is answered only by the literature review. With a literature review, you need to establish a clear tie between the works that you have cited and the topic that you are writing about.

You should be able to justify the inclusion of a certain work in your review so as to make everything that you have written useful.

Discuss the importance of literature review in carrying out research

The more you include useless points in your paper, the more that the committee will think that you have not put in a lot of thinking into your paper.

Literature review is also unique from the rest of the paper. While you have to fill most of the paper with your own analysis, in a literature review alone, you will have to write purely about related works of other people.discuss reasons for background research and explain how to conduct it.

Often a beginner will start out by expressing only a general interest in a topic, such as without conducting a literature review the investigator might not be aware of the potential importance of these other variables.

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While there might be many reasons for conducting a literature review, following are four key outcomes of doing the review. Assessment of the current state of research on a topic. This is probably the most obvious value of the literature review.

Discuss the importance of literature review in carrying out research

East Lindsey Discuss the importance of literature review in carrying out research Newcastle upon Tyne Broxtowe music review writers wanted West Midlands.

paper writing checker Discuss the. Carrying out the literature review There are several activities associated with handling a literature review. You need to scour the library and associated libraries, probably using a computer to help in your search, but not substituting it completely for looking around the shelves in the area where you find a useful book.

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Literature review is the written and systematic summary of the research which is conducted on a particular topic. It summarizes the background and context of the research.

Literature review exercises to analyze the area of the research, which has been resolved in the study. CHAPTER FIVE RESEARCH METHODS: THE LITERATURE REVIEW, CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS what is already known about the intended research topic.” A literature review serves many important purposes, including establishing the The literature review for this project was carried out to .

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