Man and society

Higher social complexity, through institutional, cultural and socio-economic development, improves the system in all these dimensions. Institutional development improves the social strength by bringing more stability, security and prosperity. Socio-economic and cultural development improves the social health by bringing more equality, justice, freedom, physical and mental health and social integration, tolerance and support. The effects of social development The asymmetry between the dimension related with social strength and the dimensions related with social health, reflects the asymmetry in our value system see Values.

Man and society

Speak about moral and ethnical principles that should be kept Social behaviour is very important for everybody. People would know social rules and the moral system. For me, the moral system is based on some rules and forms of behaviour, which are polite, and with which we can show our respect to other people.

Each generation behaves differently. It includes greetings, behaviour at meetings, etiquette of visitors or how to behave when we are in another country. In Europe younger people greet older, man greets woman, children greet adults.

People in North America are much less formal in their greetings. When we meet someone for the first time, we shake hands. Friends kiss on both cheeks when they meet or say goodbye. We should set free the seat for older people or pregnant woman. We should thank when someone gives us something.

We should obey parents and teachers. Every society has it own moral rules of behaviour. We should use a knife and a fork for eating. Our society is based on habits and rules and breaking the law is officially punished and people can go to the prison.

For different crime people are given different punishments. The most common are fines, then people are sent to the prison and the top of everything is capital punishment, which is not allowed in most countries.

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Young people which are not at the age more than 18 have to be reeducated for their crime. We can be charity volunteering. Charities try to look after these cases too. They help people after diseases, earthquakes or floats.6th Man Society, Memphis, TN. likes.

Man and society

Welcome to the 6th Man Society where our goal is to reconnect every coach, player, manager, and trainer that has 5/5(3). History of Europe - Man and society: Chief among them was Charles de Secondat de Montesquieu. His presidency in the parlement of Bordeaux supported the career of a litterateur, scholarly but shrewd in judgment of men and issues.

In the Persian Letters (), he had used the supposed correspondence of a Persian visitor to Paris to satirize both the church (under that “magician” the pope.

The relation between individual and society is very close.

Relation between Individual and Society

Essentially, “society” is the regularities, customs and ground rules of antihuman behavior. It is closely connected with the question of the relationship of man and society.

Man and society

The relation between the two depends upon one fact that the individual and the society are mutually. The present book is a remarkable attempt to underline the importance of man's contribution to society.

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