Motivational and organizational culture

Motivational salience Motivation as a desire to perform an action is usually defined as having two parts, directional such as directed towards a positive stimulus or away from a negative one, as well as the activated "seeking phase" and consummatory "liking phase". This type of motivation has neurobiological roots in the basal gangliaand mesolimbic, dopaminergic pathways.

Motivational and organizational culture

He provides tools for Motivational and organizational culture trust that have a measurable economic impact on any organization.


He also dives into how building a culture of accountability can have game changing effects and drive a team to achieve more than they ever expected to. Brent compares stories from the battlefield, the lessons learned, and how those lessons apply to leadership at any level across any type of organization or team.

Brent talks about how to build a culture of leadership, servant leadership, adaptive change management, and much more. The audience will leave with at least three key take aways that they can start applying to their personal and professionals lives immediately.

Brent shares stories from combat and talks about teamwork, persistence, adaptation, sacrifice, and how elite teams really achieve success and win.

The audience will leave with at least three key takeaways that they can start applying to their personal and professionals lives immediately. But more change initiatives fall short or fail due to a lack of leadership alignment, the proper culture founded on accountability and trust and poor discipline.

In this presentation Gleeson provides actionable principles for managers to use in leading an organization through change. Yet, many studies show that leading with culture makes an organization stronger, more resilient and much more profitable.

Gleeson shares correlations between SEAL culture and high performance teams in business and how prioritizing people, culture and values drives a company to achieve better results. Building High-trust Organizations that Achieve Winning Results Productivity, income and profits of any organization can be directly negatively or positively impacted depending on the levels of trust within the team.

Trust is one of the most critical elements of a strong team culture that gets results and successfully navigates change. In this presentation, Gleeson shares the seven principles for building high-trust organizations: All presentations are customized for the specific audience.

Discovery sessions are conducted with each client in order to craft the perfect messaging for each audience.

Motivational and organizational culture

The presentation was riveting and had great takeaways that really resonated with our teams. They are still talking about it!

The Role of Motivation in Organizational Behavior

You hit on all the points we needed! I will recommend you to the Dallas Mavericks. It was an honor having you. I can say that everyone there deeply enjoyed your discussion and that, the presence of someone who has done what you have done was very impactful to the team!

Your words grounded us and reminded us all of why it is so important that we give what we do our all.

A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change

You were a huge hit, and the reaction was extremely positive! Brent is a dynamic, young entrepreneur and business leader who has the additional distinction of being a veteran of the elite U.

Motivational and organizational culture

I could not recommend Brent more highly for your keynote speaker. Jeff Campbell Former CEO, Burger King I heard from numerous guests in attendance during your speech, they were all blown away and considered you one of the best speakers they have ever heard. Alisha Nowlin, Boeing I was lucky enough to be in the audience a couple weeks ago when you spoke at my company.

I wanted to tell you how fantastic it was. At one point my heart was racing, hands were shaking and palms were sweating. Tressa Daniels, Carefusion In 25 years we have never had a more dynamic and captivating speaker, who certainly provided a message that resonated with all the first responders and hazardous materials technicians in the room.

My performance has improved at work and I have defined my role in a way to lead and not micromanage. My own accountability is priority one. Our Customer Service lead was there and she already wants to have you speak to her team! You hit the messaging perfectly.

It was both entertaining and prescriptive. We will definitely be inviting you back! So many speakers just tell stories, but you actually taught us how to improve! Carol Rivetti President, Affigent Your presentation was amazing!

People keep telling me how much they loved it. Roz Cole It was the most memorable day ever. You balanced your military background perfectly with not only your professional expertise, but also applying the military lessons TO corporate life.

Mark Filler Brent left his legacy with Coca Cola.Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice. The AA in Criminal Justice Program is designed to address the needs of the Criminal justice and security occupations that require the breadth and depth of knowledge and a continually evolving set of physical, technological, cognitive, and interpersonal skills to navigate a rapidly changing environment.

So here is one: Culture is the set of processes in an organization that affects the total motivation of its people.

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In a high-performing culture, those processes maximize total motivation. Motivation and Organizational Culture Paper May 19, The role of management in the workplace is a significant part of ensuring the quality of service.

Workplace motivation can affect areas such as productivity and influence organizational culture. Management Roles The main goal of management and workplace psychology is to create an environment that is conducive to allowing employees to perform at their highest potential.

Motivational and Organizational Culture Essay Sample. When you first start a job you have fears of being able to fit in, your nerves are on edge and if you are a supervisor or manager you have many more fears as our subject Ayame Nakamura may have had.

ACCELERATING CULTURES OF HEALTHCARE EXCELLENCE. Certified Speaking Professional, Chip Madera, MS is a high energy, high content motivational speaker with a heart of BOLD! He is known as the Leadership Lion and he specializes in developing courageous leaders who can accelerate business results and increase employee engagement and is one of America’s premiere .

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