Parts of the brain essay

Contact Human Brain Human brain is the most complex organ in the human body.

Parts of the brain essay

ORDER NOW Brainstem The oldest part and central core of the brain, beginning where the spinal cord swells as it enters the skull; the brainstem is responsible for automatic survival functions. Medulla The base of the brainstem; controls heartbeat and breathing.

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Reticular Formation A nerve network in the brainstem that plays an important role in controlling arousal. Limbic System A doughnut-shaped system of neural structures at the border of the brainstem and cerebral hemispheres; associated with emotions such as fear and aggression and drives such as those for food and sex.

Parts of the brain essay

Includes the hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus. Hippocampus A neural center located in the limbic system that helps process explicit memories for storage.

Amygdala Two lima bean-sized neural clusters that are components of the limbic system and are linked to emotion.

Pons Part of the brain involved in sleep regulation also connects a cerebellum to the cerebral cortex; deals with dreams. Frontal Lobe The lobe at the front of the brain associated with movement, speech, judgement, and impulsive behavior.

Parietal Lobe Portion behind to the frontal lobe, responsible for sensations such as pain, temperature, and touch. Occipital Lobe Part of the cerebral hemisphere that receives and interprets visual information.

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Temporal Lobe The portion of the cerebral cortex that is just above the ears and that is involved in hearing, language processing, and memory. Hypothalamus A neural structure lying below the thalamus; directs eating, drinking, body temperature; helps govern the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, and is linked to emotion.

Motor Cortex An area at the rear of the frontal lobes that controls voluntary movements. Sensory Cortex The area at the front of the parietal lobes that registers and processes body touch and movement sensations.

Association Areas Areas of the cerebral cortex that are not involved in primary motor or sensory functions; rather, they are involved in higher mental functions such as learning, remembering, thinking, and speaking. Located in left temporal lobe. Glial Cells Cells in the nervous system that support, nourish, and protect neurons.

Corpus Callosum The large band of neural fibers connecting the two brain hemispheres and carrying messages between them. Hormones Chemical messengers, mostly those manufactured by the endocrine glands, that are produced in one tissue and affect another.

Adrenal Glands A pair of endocrine glands just above the kidneys. Under the influence of the hypothalamus, the pituitary regulates growth and controls other endocrine glands.The hind brain consists of cerebellum and brain stem (pons varoli and medulla oblongata). Cerebellum is the second largest part of the brain.

Like cerebral hemispheres its upper surface is formed of grey matter and forms cerebellar cortex and the deeper central part is medulla formed of white matter. This essay focuses on the parts and functions of human brain in addition to the ongoing research on the newly discovered parts of the brain.

Although medical experts are aware of a large number of parts and functions of the brain, some astounding new discoveries are made after short intervals. The Human Brain And The Brain Essay (Mastin, ) The medial temporal lobe, which is located near the center of the dividing line of the left and right hemispheres, is .

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Essay on The Human Brain The human brain is a vital part of life; however, many do not understand the significance of this complex organ.

The human brain is like other parts of the body; it grows, gets stronger, weakens and dies. This means that different parts of the brain carry out different tasks, for example, vision, voluntary movement and speech. The idea is that not all parts of the brain do the same thing, and that each part functions on its own, without the aid of other areas of the brain.

Dementia and the Different Parts of the Brain Affected Essay UNDERSTANDING HOW KEY FUNCTIONS OF THE BRAIN ARE AFFECTED BY DEMENTIA You do not have to become an expert on the brain to be a good dementia health care worker - Dementia and the Different Parts of the Brain Affected Essay introduction.

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