Penn foster exam 05002300

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Purpose This examination will give you practical experience in writing an informal report, using a memo format. Next, review the instruction on informal and formal reports and format in this study unit.

Penn foster exam 05002300

Then carefully reread the information about fieldinvestigation reports, pages 7— Carefully review the background and prewriting work on which you based your exam for Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating Your Material.

Phoenix Advertising, with its main headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, serves clients that include banks, insurance companies, and retail chains. Forest, the company president. Forest advises you that in the last month, four clients have complained about the advertising work produced by the Roanoke, Virginia branch of the agency.

He reminds you that the clients served from the Roanoke branch are vital to the overall success of Phoenix Advertising.

Three of the graphic designers and four of the copywriters are threatening to quit because they feel their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without consultation.

They want to be part of a collaborative team, not to simply produce work that the art directors and account executives can arbitrarily alter.

In an attempt to increase revenues, the branch is accepting new clients without evaluating the effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. As a result, without notice or compensation for the additional hours, all salaried employees are required to work long hours several days each week.

Employee morale and productivity are declining day by day. Topic Outline Prepare a topic outline no sentences using the four Roman numeral points shown below.

Organize all of your prewriting and scenario information according to those four points.

Penn Foster Exam Answers

Your outline must show depth of detail, as well as correct format. Your first Roman numeral point requires no subdivision; it merely states the purpose of the field investigation and gives the location.

For the other points, add appropriate subdivisions and a significant number of details beyond the scenario based on your brainstorming. Remember that if you subdivide a point, you must have at least two divisions. For example, if you subdivide to level 1, you must have at least a 2 as well.

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Subdivide each level more or less as necessary to incorporate all your ideas. Revise your outline for clarity and completeness.

Make sure Examination 53 your points follow each other in logical order and address the four Roman numeral points in the example.

Make sure the topics within the subdivisions A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 are of equal importance.

Penn foster exam 05002300

Use parallel grammatical structure for each point. Subdivide a point only if you can provide at least two subdivisions. Purpose for investigating, including the location, the branch, and general nature of the problems II.

General approach to investigating the causes of each problem A.Penn Foster Exam Essay Words | 5 Pages Main causes for problems plaguing the Roanoke branch are the unlimited number of new client projects, short staffing and thus overworked employees, lack of communication between departments, and declining employee job satisfaction.

I need answers to pennfoster exam writing the report Writing the Report General Instructions Note: You can’t use Exam Express or Tel-Test for this exam.

Purpose This examination will give you practical experience in writing an informal report, using a memo format. Then getting yourself updated with the newest dot physical requirements is required Penn foster exam answers torrent.

In order to drive around a business vehicle that has more than 10, lbs of gross weight, passing the dot physical test is essential. Provides Penn Foster Exam Answers for your needs. You may use our services to Get Penn Foster Exam Answers to many careers & High School Answers too. Penn Foster Exam Essay and an account executive, increasing client complaints about quality of work, productivity and demoralization of employees within that branch.

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II. Site visit to Roanoke branch was performed in order to investigate issues. A. Preformed one-on-one employee interviews in order understand the reasons behind. Read this essay on Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating Your Material. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Penn Foster, Oak Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania Writing The Report Exam I. Issues in communicating and understanding company policy at the Charlotte, NC, Phoenix Advertising.

Writing The Report