Social networking implication to academic performances

Blau and Richard M.

Social networking implication to academic performances

What is interesting about song and music video is that they can hold a lot of meaning lyrically and visually, and gives a lot of room for story telling and representation. What I would like to do is deconstruct her songs and her music video to uncover how direct her productions are.

Or could she have possibly been attempting to persuade her viewers into a more passive perspective onto viewing her album. The reason why her social media accounts have been bought her social media presents into this discussion is because this is a different online space that she occupies.

Marshall claims that celebrities have embraced forms of communication, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, by putting themselves online they become more accessible to fans. By the re-circulation on her, her material across the Internet space she becomes more wide spread.

Realistically further than her social accounts let her. This brings us to the discussion about Henry Jenkins study on fan participatory culture. Where we take media into our own hands, where we have the capacity, often to produce and share media.

The meaning of representation is a term that is used broadly. Two definitions drawn from Turnercelebrities today emerge from the sport or entertainment industry and they are highly visible through the media and their private lives will attract a lot of speculation.

Elaborating off of this meaning artists spend long periods of time crafting what they produce, bettering their skill set and creating their own artistic individuality.

Through the making of this visual album she has increased her engagement with her fans. By getting them involved with her music videos and engaging with them through social media.

Social networking implication to academic performances

Through her visual album she has stated that she is making a change.Social Media, Internet Addiction, The effects of Social Networking Sites to the Academic Performance of Students., Impact of Internet Addiction on Accademic Performance and Social Life of Students IMPLICATIONSOF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS TECHNOLOGY IN INTERPERSONAL SKILLS AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCES.

Keywords: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Performance, Implication, Social Networking Site. INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Social Networking Sites are online communities designed to connect individuals to wider networks of relationships.

Implications of Social Networking Sites academic performance. Social Media Network Participation and Academic Performance In Senior High Schools in Ghana Jeffrey Mingle Social Media Network Participation and Academic Performance in Senior High Schools in Ghana general.

Among the vast variety of online tools which are available for communication, social networking sites (SNS) have become the most. It is observed that Facebook is the leading social networking site used in the region until now, but Twitter is fast gaining market. Twitter is becoming popular among users and giving a tough competition to Facebook in almost all countries of the region except Iraq.

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