Taking sides essays

It has seemed to me worth while to show from the history of civilization just what war has done and has not done for the welfare of mankind.

Taking sides essays

Pakistani-Canadian author of The Atheist Muslim: It isn't even noon yet as I write this, and I've already been accused of being both. These terms intrigue me because they directly speak to the doggedly tribal nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

You don't hear of too many other countries being universally spoken of this way. Both Israelis and Palestinians are complex, with diverse histories and cultures, and two incredibly similar if divisive religions. To come down completely on the side of one or the other doesn't seem rational to me.

It is telling that most Muslims around the world support Palestinians, and most Jews support Israel. This, of course, is natural -- but it's also problematic.

It means that this is not about who's right or wrong as much as which tribe or nation you are loyal to. It means that Palestinian supporters would be just as ardently pro-Israel if they were born in Israeli or Jewish families, and vice versa.

It means that the principles that guide most people's view of this Taking sides essays are largely accidents of birth -- that however we intellectualize and analyze the components of the Middle East mess, it remains, at its core, a tribal conflict.

By definition, tribal conflicts thrive and survive when people take sides. Choosing sides in these kinds of conflicts fuels them further and deepens the polarization. And worst of all, you get blood on your hands.

So before picking a side in this latest Israeli-Palestine conflict, consider these 7 questions: Why is everything so much worse when there are Jews involved?

Over people have died in Gaza as of this writing. Muslims have woken up around the world. But is it really because of the numbers? Bashar al-Assad has killed overSyrians, mostly Muslim, in two years -- more than the number killed in Palestine in two decades.

Tens of thousands have been killed by the Taliban. Half a million black Muslims were killed by Arab Muslims in Sudan. The list goes on.

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But Gaza makes Muslims around the world, both Sunni and Shia, speak up in a way they never do otherwise. Up-to-date death counts and horrific pictures of the mangled corpses of Gazan children flood their social media timelines every day.

Taking sides essays

If it was just about the numbers, wouldn't the other conflicts take precedence? What is it about then? Amazingly, many of the graphic images of dead children attributed to Israeli bombardment that are circulating online are from Syria, based on a BBC report.

Many of the pictures you're seeing are of children killed by Assad, who is supported by Iran, which also funds Hezbollah and Hamas.

What could be more exploitative of dead children than attributing the pictures of innocents killed by your own supporters to your enemy simply because you weren't paying enough attention when your own were killing your own?

This doesn't, by any means, excuse the recklessness, negligenceand sometimes outright cruelty of Israeli forces. But it clearly points to the likelihood that the Muslim world's opposition to Israel isn't just about the number of dead. Here is a question for those who grew up in the Middle East and other Muslim-majority countries like I did: Do you honestly think that this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are Jews?

Yes, there's an unfair and illegal occupation there, and yes, it's a human rights disaster. But it is also true that much of the other side is deeply driven by anti-Semitism.

It isn't always a clean, one-or-the-other blame split in these situations like your Chomskys and Greenwalds would have you believe.

Why does everyone keep saying this is not a religious conflict? There are three pervasive myths that are widely circulated about the "roots" of the Middle East conflict: Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism.

Islam has nothing to do with Jihadism or anti-Semitism. This conflict has nothing to do with religion.Race and the Priesthood - Response to benjaminpohle.com Introduction.

Taking sides essays

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You don't hear of too many other . 5. 3. ESSAYS.

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