The grass is always greener on

This grass is always greener.

The grass is always greener on

Army Worms Grub Worms Grubs are found in most soils and are usually no cause for alarm. They are an important part of soil ecology, as long as their numbers do not get out of hand. If more than grubs are found per square foot in turf, then treatment is advised.

Fire Ants The red imported fire ant is an introduced species from South America which is becoming more and more of a pest in the southern states.

It is very aggressive, and can inflict a painful sting to humans and pets. Fire ants live in colonies, making conspicuous mounds in home lawns. Fleas and Ticks Fleas and ticks can multiply rapidly and can infest pets, people, and even the inside of your home.

For best control, we recommend consistent treatments of insecticide in the lawn, while treating your pets and even inside the home if needed. Treatment programs are essential where ticks become a problem in the home landscape because ticks can carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Spiders Spiders are the helpers of controlling other insects because the home lawn is prone to all sorts. For the most part, we live in harmony.

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When they get out of control, however, we can help you regain your lawn and home. To control a spider, you have to control their environment, take away weds and egg sacs, eliminate the hiding spots and seal all open spaces for them to invade.

Augustine lawns in the south. Army Worms Army worms are the caterpillars of a moth, which migrate every summer up from Texas.

The grass is always greener on

The full-grown larvae are greenish to brown, about 1. They can come into an area almost overnight in great numbers, devastating turf by eating down grass blades to the ground. Fescue lawns in particular are prone to army worm damage, since it may not be able to recover from damage as well as bermudagrass will.

For expert insect control call Greener Grass at and don't let the pests take over. Sprinkler Repair Greener Grass will help you conserve water, keep your landscape beautiful and save you money. We will install and maintain a lawn sprinkler system that exceeds all state regulations, saves you lots of water and helps you keep your yard beautiful.

Our services will conserve your water and comply with all state regulations: Design residential and commercial lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems which will save you money by using water efficiently. Install all our lawn sprinkler systems to the highest professional standards with minimum disruption to your yard.

Service all brands of lawn sprinkler systems. Your sprinklers should be serviced in the spring and fall to ensure continued top performance.The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence unknown Refers to the way we tend to look at other people’s lives and other things that we don't have in general through rose colored glasses.

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration for your Southern California Garden. (Keckiella cordifolia, Dudleya pulverulanta. Food LabelsWe evaluate and rate food labelsso you can make informed decisions 1 When it comes to knowing the farm-to-table story behind the foods you buy, you can’t tell much just by looking at the food, feeling it, or tasting it.

Short of visiting the farm or factory, the product’s label is where you can [ ]. Lyrics to "The Other Man's Grass (Is Always Greener)" song by Petula Clark: Life is never what it seems We're always searching in our dreams To find that little castle in the.

Feb 27,  · The Grass Is Greener. Approved | 1h 44min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 27 February (Sweden) Victor and Hillary are down on their luck to the point that they allow tourists to take guided tours of their castle.

But Charles Delacro, a millionaire oil tycoon, visits, and takes a /10(K). Other people's circumstances or belongings always seem more desirable than one's own. A: "It just seems like they have this perfect life, always traveling and spending time together." B: "Hey, the grass is always greener.

I'm sure they have their own problems that no one else can see." The grass is.

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