The history and future of flight

It was the first time an electric airplane took off with one fourth of a megawatt of output.

The history and future of flight

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The airship made its debut flight on March 4,but just a little more than a year later, the Hindenburg would become seared in people's minds after an ill-fated flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

The history and future of flight

The Hindenburg flew its first North American transatlantic flight in Maybut during its landing on May 6,the airship burst into flames and crashed to the ground in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Check out these photos to explore the history of the Hindenburg, including its fiery demise.

Building a behemoth The frame of the Hindenburg takes shape at the Zeppelin Works in Friedrichshafen. With a gas capacity of 7, cubic feet, the Hindenburg became the largest airship in the world. In the hangar Credit: Two swastikas, symbols of the German National Socialist Party, are displayed on its tail.

Ill-fated journey The Hindenburg in flames after crashing as it approached its moorings. Learning from the disaster Credit: An investigation found that a spark ignited the highly flammable hydrogen that filled the airship, causing it to burst into flames.

Preparing to fly The airship Hindenburg in its hangar during preparations for a voyage on Aug. Full of helium Credit: Enjoying the view The promenade of the hydrogen-filled German airship Hindenburg Eyes in the sky This photo from March shows the steering wheel of the hydrogen-filled German airship Hindenburg.

All aboard Passengers aboard the Hindenburg on Aug. Under construction This photo from shows The Hindenburg under construction at Friedrichshafen. A round trip to New Jersey a few months later took just over four and a half days. · With the introduction of the X, NASA has resurrected its historic X-Plane Program - a tested for experimental aircraft that began with Chuck Yeager's famous supersonic flight in the Bell X Not all of this cutting-edge technology went into full production, but their tests introduced many breakthroughs in flight science.

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The history and future of flight

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Our engineers have their backgrounds in mechanical, aeronautical and electronic engineering and gained experience in many projects designing rotor-winged aircraft, unmanned vehicles and In a science fiction novel entitled "The Skylark of Space" writer Edward E.

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