Thesis animal abuse

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Thesis animal abuse

Cox, MBA, and Dr. Sabine Lennkh This Model Animal Welfare Act has been designed to serve as a basic template and guidance document for those interested in enacting new legislation or improving existing animal protection legislation. Thus it is aspirational in nature; seeking to provide the best possible structures, systems and provisions to protect the welfare of animals.

This may mean that countries which are just starting to establish animal welfare requirements might decide to introduce its provisions progressively. In such cases, a strategic approach step-wise and prioritised is recommended. This could also be considered in cases where countries already have structures, systems and provisions that have been introduced gradually over time, but remain less than optimal.

The important principle is that each country works progressively towards the best possible protection for the welfare of its animal population, and indeed — as elaborated in the Three Rs approach — the eventual reduction and replacement of any uses of animals which compromise their welfare.

The purpose of this Model Animal Welfare Act is to function as an 'umbrella' or 'framework' law. Where a country has a federal system, it is recommended that it is introduced at national level in preference to state, province or other regional levels. It represents an international unification and harmonisation of animal protection and welfare legislation, which can be adapted or modified — if the circumstances require — in Common Law as well as Civil Law systems.

Elements of both legal orders have been considered and incorporated to achieve as far as possible for the present day a comprehensive, far-reaching and progressive approach to animal welfare legislation which takes account of the Thesis animal abuse expedience when it comes to prevention of animal cruelty and abuse, establishing Thesis animal abuse and the principle of care towards the animal, promoting the education and sensitisation of the population, as well as offering effective solutions for efficient law enforcement.

Thesis animal abuse

Nonetheless, elements of this Act can also be used for inspiration in creating, amending or interpreting these. The contents of this document do not constitute legal advice and are intended solely as general information and a reference.

Use of this document in any manner does not at any time create an attorney-client relationship. As with any piece of model legislation, existing laws, regulations, or constitutional provisions may be impacted positively or negatively by the language in this Act, or may conflict with such provisions.

Thus, to help ensure the greatest possible outcome for animals, if engaging in the actual drafting of legislation the language should be reviewed by local legal experts in consideration of the unique legal, political and social circumstances in each jurisdiction and adjusted accordingly.

For over 10 years Dr. Lennkh has been active in the field of animal welfare legislation and has attended a number of international conferences and workshops in this context. She comments on draft animal welfare laws and writes legal articles on the subject. The focus of her research is in the sphere of legal comparison within international animal welfare laws and the drafting of animal welfare legislation.

While acting as Deputy Chair for the Seychelles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals she was able to learn about the challenges of applied animal protection. Cox, MBA Janice Cox has been working in animal protection for over 25 years, since leaving a UK government career to concentrate on achieving the social change needed to improve the lives of animals.

In addition to legislative and policy work, Janice Cox has managed practical animal welfare programmes around the world, and so also brings practical experience of animal welfare issues to the project.

Accolades "Congratulations on such a complex and comprehensive work.

Piers Beirne1 From Animal Abuse to Interhuman Violence? A Critical Review of the Progression Thesis ABSTRACT This paper reviews evidence of a progression from animal abuse. Animal Rights Of Zoos And Aquariums - “A government-funded study of elephants in UK zoos found “there was a welfare concern for every elephant in the UK.” 75% of elephants were overweight and only 16% could walk normally ” (“10 Facts”). This Model Animal Welfare Act has been designed to serve as a basic template and guidance document for those interested in enacting new legislation or improving existing animal .

I hope to have my students use it in class next semester. For animal advocates, the Model Animal Welfare Act provides a great deal of interesting material and is well worth reading, considering, and debating.

In countries that do not have laws to protect animals from abuse like Egypt, my country, this Act is a miracle.

Thesis animal abuse

Without it we would have spent years to write a good law and finding a lawyer who could write a complete and strong law for animal protection. In Egypt we only have five or six laws concerning this subject.


So, even if we found the best lawyer he would not be able to write a complete and comprehensive law, because animal welfare is a new concept in Egypt and Egyptian lawyers would not be able to create laws without adequate references.

I am so happy to finally have a law to protect Egyptian animals, and I feel that this law is much more important than building shelters, because with a strong and comprehensive modern law we can save all the animals.

I don't know how to thank the great animal welfare professionals Janice Cox and Dr. Sabine Lennkh - with this act you have saved the animals of Egypt. God bless you both. Now it is our duty and mission to implement this law and submit it to the Egyptian Parliament. The ideas and ethos that unfolds throughout the pages are borne of prescience with a vision as rare as love and raw as truth.

Given the amount of effort and time that the 'Model' demanded, it was unquestionably a worthwhile project which in time will reap the true rewards of the endeavour. For more than merely a document for discussion, it is the lodestar for our law.Thesis statement is a statement that conveys the ultimate message, intention or the main argument of your essay.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in animal training works identically to the way it works with people: behavior analysts use observation and experimentation to create a series of functionally effective reinforcements to modify behavior for the benefit of both animals and animal owners.

This Model Animal Welfare Act has been designed to serve as a basic template and guidance document for those interested in enacting new legislation or improving existing animal . A thesis statement for animal abuse? There are quite a few topics that would make good thesis statementsfor animal abuse.

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Model Animal Welfare Act